Dr. Robert Male is an Economic & Vocational Consultant specializing in evaluation and testimony related to economic losses due to injury, disability, death, and adverse employment events (e.g. wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment). For many years, he has provided litigation support and appeared as an expert witness in Federal and State Courts for both the plaintiff and defense. Dr. Male’s forensic work is focused primarily in the western states of Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington. His Vita shows a distinguished career in academia, publishing, and service to the professional forensic community. Dr. Male’s current CV, Retainer Agreement, and Testimony List are available here for download.

Services include:

  • Evaluation and testimony related to economic damages in cases of personal injury, wrongful death, and employment (e.g. wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment).
  • Determination of earning capacity, expected earnings, worklife expectancy, household services, present value of economic losses past & future, present value of life care plans, and present value of structured settlements.